Sports Mouthguards

Why Custom Fabricated Sports Mouthguards?

mouthguardThe American Dental Association (ADA) reported that the use of sports mouthguards can prevent over 200,000 oral injuries each year. Sadly, more teeth are lost each year than are saved. The National Youth Sports Foundation estimated that approximately 5 million teeth will be lost this year while participating in sporting events. The majority of these traumas will occur to children, middle school, high school, and college students. In fact, oral injuries are the most common form of injury to the mouth and face that occur during sporting activities.

Because tooth loss can have such a negative impact on future oral and overall health, finding a way to prevent the occurrence of oral trauma is essential. This is where custom-made sports mouthguards come in. Able to significantly reduce the occurrence of oral injuries in children, teens, and adults alike, these mouthguards are made to meet the specifications of the individual so that they fit the mouth perfectly. These mouthguards can be used during a number of different sports including all forms of martial arts, kickboxing, hockey, mountain biking, boxing, skateboarding, rollerblading, softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, football, and soccer.

Some Sport Mouthguards are Better Than Others

There is a significant difference between custom-made mouthguards that are fitted by your dentist and sports mouthguards that you can find in any sporting store. The average mouthguard is typically of the “boil and bits” variety which requires you to put the mouthguard in boiling water and then bite down to form the guard to your teeth. They do not fit nearly as well as custom-made sports mouthguards, making them far less comfortable. They can even cause difficulty in speaking and breathing which makes it less likely that they will be worn when they should. The material in “boil and bite” mouthguards is also significantly weakened when you bite down to form the mouthguard. On the other hand, dentist custom-made mouthguards are much stronger and more effective at preventing oral injury.

PLAYSAFE Sports Mouthguards

Around since 1982, PLAYSAFE has been making top of the line sports mouthguards for avid athletes throughout the United States, Australia, and Europe. PLAYSAFE sports mouthguards are available in a number of different types and colors, ensuring that you find the right one for the sport or activity that you enjoy.

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