Full Mouth Rehabilitation

full_mouth_rehabIf you require a treatment plan that consists of multiple procedures, we have the services for you. As a multi-specialty practice, we offer a number of different services designed to help you achieve the results you require. Our practice has a number of phenomenal dentists dedicated to meeting your needs. It is not uncommon for patients to require full mouth rehabilitation. The purpose of multiple dental techniques is the same as a single procedure: to improve upon your oral and overall health, revitalize your smile, and give you the confidence you deserve.

Our team of dentists work with each of our patients to determine the best treatment plan for them. The first step to your full mouth rehabilitation is the oral examination where you can discuss all of your expectations, needs, and concerns with your dentist. After the initial consultation, the dentist will usually use wax models or digital imaging to make images of your teeth and show you just what the procedures will accomplish for you. The images will help you and the dentist to better determine which procedures are best able to meet your goals. Make sure that you don’t neglect to ask any questions you might have. We are there to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with any procedures that you receive. Remember that this is your mouth and smile we are talking about. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Our ultimate goal is to give you the smile you deserve for the rest of your life.

There are many procedures that may be a part of your full mouth rehabilitation. The compilation of treatments will largely depend on your particular situation and the results you want. These procedures can include porcelain veneers, lumineers, replacement teeth, cosmetic bonding, fillings, crowns, Invisalign, and even teeth whitening.


Our highly skilled and professional team has significant experience in performing all of these procedures, ensuring that you and all of our patients receive the treatments you need to give you the healthy smile you crave. Our dental practice provides quality procedures to all ages and has convenient office hours that make our services available to those with the busiest of schedules. We wish to provide everyone with the best of experiences, successful treatments, and the smile of their dreams.

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